About Zihabit Limited

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  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission Statement
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About Us
Zihabit Limited is a Construction Company that specializes in the following core business areas:
  • Property Development
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Project Management
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a partner of global choice and premier leader in the provision of multi-dimensional services in construction, hospitality, transportation, real estate investment and general entrepreneurship. Further, it is our goal to continue building a solid repute in quality service delivery whilst taking a dynamic approach in responding to market trends as we forge ahead in the expansion of diversified footprints across both the local and international spheres
Our Mission Statement
Provision of sustainable business products and services for maximum benefits and satisfaction of end-users and owners
Our Values
Our values capture our commitment to the essence of our survival and success anchored on a multi-faceted pillar made up of the following dynamic mix:
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Excellence

Our History

Late Arc. Dr. Philip Zegetar Iyortyer; a renowned Architect and visionary who hailed from Vandeikya, Benue State, laid the foundation in 1991 when he co-founded Zihabit Limited with his wife; QS. Mercy Torkwase Iyortyer. Before the establishment of Zihabit Limited, Arc. Iyortyer played a key and instrumental role in relocating Nigeria’s Capital city from Lagos to Abuja in the early 1990s and was involved in the construction of many government iconic buildings such as the Presidential Villa, Supreme Court, National Assembly Complex, International Conference Centre. After Iyortyer retired from the Civil Service; he was driven to establish Zihabit to impact the skylines of the new Capital City and his strong desire to leave a legacy in the Built industry whilst making remarkable contributions to the fields of Tropical and Sustainable Architecture evident in our approach to designs and building construction. With Iyortyer’s leadership, Zihabit has diversified and expanded operations in recent times whilst laying emphasis on sustainable growth and reinventing itself with new construction technologies and the implementation of best industry practises. Our company remains committed to the founder’s vision of sustainability, social corporate responsibility, and quality assurance.

About us

Zihabit Limited is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) incorporated in Nigeria in 1991 (RC.168487), with its office located in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory. Our core areas of operation include Building, Engineering, Real Estate Development, General Supplies as well as Entrepreneurship.